Life is often neither heroic nor tragic.  It is somewhere in the middle.  In his circle of friends, Dan fits comfortably between Eddie, the unquestioned leader, and Scott, an undeniable follower.  Eddie's intensified verbal attacks on Jim, a less fortunate classmate, make Dan uncomfortable.  Dan can feel the spirit of the coming season, but Eddie threatens to crush the joy it brings.  Dan is unsure if he should risk his place in his world by defending Jim at the cost of alienating himself from his friends.  If he should opt for the heroic road, he may lose all that he has, yet the tragedy that lurks down the darker road seems, to him, far more dangerous still.  Pressures abound with a lot on the line.  Dan feels he knows what is right.  How can he make his friends understand?  Dan must take action and he must do it soon.
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